Sunday, 26 February 2012

Worth Any Price

Title : Worth Any Price (Bow Street Runners #3)
Writer : Lisa Kleypas
Number of Page : 388
Publisher : Avon Books

Nick Gentry, the bad thief-taker in Lady Sophia's Lover had now become the best runners in Bow Street. He was asked by Lord Radnor to find his long lost fiancee, Miss Charlotte Howard.

Charlotte "Lottie" worked in Stony Cross Park (we meet Marcus Westcliff again!). Nick went to the estate, disguising himself as Lord Sydney. He found her and wanted to bring her back to Lord Radnor. However, he didn't expect to want her for himself.

Marcus, Earl of Westcliff didn't trust Lord Sydney. He tried to protect Lottie by doing the background check behind Nick's back. When everything was revealed, Lottie was very angry and disappointed. As a gentleman, Marcus offered her a marriage. Lottie refused him for he was a peer and she was not. Instead, she offered herself to Nick. She asked for Nick's protection and in return she would be his mistress.

Well, that's surprising. I didn't expect it to come, haha...

Nick wanted more. He would agree only if Lottie married him. He wanted her to be his wife an not a mistress. Desperately needed safety, Lottie accepted.

So, the story is about marriage of convenience. The first hundred pages was so engaging that I could not stop reading. But, it was getting boring and boring after the two characters had married. It's not that the story is bad, it's just lack of conflicts. The only problem was Nick who could not easily trust other people. He was quite bad-tempered although I could understand his burden. The horrible past kept haunting him and unfortunately he hurt Lottie because of that.

Furthermore, the relationship between the two was not really explored. It was mostly just sex. Nick was an expert in bed and the whole love scenes only tried to show his skills. Okay, it's smoking hot. But seriously, there was even Tantric lovemaking mentioned. *rolling eyes

Never mind. Maybe the intimacy which made them fall in love with each other. It's unbelievable, yes. But, it's Lisa Kleypas. I don't know how she could make such simple story makes sense. Moreover, I like some little details about Ross and Sophia. It was fun to know more about what happen to the characters from previous book.

I think from Bow Street Runners series, I like the second book most. Ross and Sophia are so adorable. And I also like these series more than the Wallflowers series although the Hathaways series are still the best. Hehehe... 

Bow Street Runners series : 
3. Worth Any Price


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