Saturday, 10 December 2011

Someone To Watch Over Me

Title : Someone To Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners #1)
Writer : Lisa Kleypas
Number of Pages : 362
Publisher : Avon
My rating : 3/5

One night, a waterman called bow street runners (police) because he found a dead woman drowned in the river. Grant Morgan came to the scene and checked the victim. To his surprise, the woman was still alive. 

But, she didn't remember who she was.

Grant knew her. He hated her actually. In the former life, Vivien Duval was a courtesan who liked to slept with men only for money. A high class prostitute who had once spread the false rumor about him just because he refused to sleep with her.

Grant was kinda excited to find the woman he hated became vulnerable and desperately needed his protection. He planned to take advantage of her condition and he would make her feel sorry for what she had done. 

Only, he found out that this Vivien Duval was a kind, heart-warming, lovely, and smart woman. He could not help falling in love with her although he didn't want to admit that he felt that way toward the courtesan.

Romance and suspense. Grant investigated the cases about Vivien when her murderer was still out there thinking that she was dead. 

Could it be that the same person has different personalities just because of amnesia? Of course, not. The woman Grant loved was Vivien's twin sister, Victoria. 

Okay, in my opinion this story was quite boring. Simple story and yet it is dragged and dragged and dragged until 362 pages without any climax. I even had already known the murderer since the beginning and the suspense was very dull. The ending was good and complete. Too complete actually, it made me think that the ending was just too long. I know Lisa Kleypas just wants to explain about anything so that there are not anything missing or unfinished. So, I am okay with that although it increases the degree of the boringness.

However, I like the characters. I like Victoria more that Grant actually. She was cute and funny. She was easily blushed and seemed very innocent. I would like to meet that kind of person in real life to become her friend. On the other hand, Grant was the kind of person who was always in control, competent, and mysterious. But, he was very sweet to Victoria. Sweetness excessive, I kept saying : "Awww... Owwww..." during the reading process.

Yeah, ordinary book. Nothing special, except the way Lisa Kleypas writes. As always, I love her writing. Many people might think the writing was just too much with description, but I like description. It makes everything so real and it is easier to imagine the situation if the description is very detail. 

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