Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Title : The Mysterious Benedict Society (Mysterious Benedict Society #1)
Writer : Trenton Lee Stewart
Number of Page : 492
Publisher : Little, Brown Company

I just don't realize how I miss children books until I read this. It was a long time ago since I read children adventures like The Famous Five Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl's books. Then suddenly I picked this book and read it. And, wow! It was a wonderful, funny, and cute adventure.

Mysterious Benedict Society will amaze you who like riddles and brainstorming clues. And for myself, I love the characters because they are so cute. They are children after all.

The story started with Reynie Muldoon wanted to take a test for special kids. The test was posted in the newspaper and he wanted to try it. Well, the tests were so challenging and interesting. This was the best part of the book when Reynie met the other students who also passed the test. They were George "Sticky" Washington, Kate Wetherall, and Constance Contraire.

Actually, the test was brought by Mr. Benedict, a genious who suffered from narcolepsy (sleep suddenly without warning <--how strange is that?). He had detected a problem that happened across the country without anyone notice it. People were missing and no one knew about it. Mr. Benedict needed the four children to act as secret agents to go inside an academy in which he believed the prisoners were.

Then, the adventures began.

This book is very engaging. I keep wanting to know what happen next. And I like Constance because she was just so cute with her clumsiness and grumpiness. She was short and always left behind. I also like Reynie for his thoughtfulness. Even I like Kate for her dexterity and Sticky for his sticky mind. Ah, I just love the children. I want to hug them all. Kyaaaaaa!

Nice reading.



  1. Yupp.. agree with you, I also like reading this book though I have to say it took some time for me to finish reading it, ahahaha :))

    Can't wait to read their other "adventures" ^o^

    1. Yeah,it's such a thick book for children... Takes time to finish it :)

  2. ini yang terjemahannya diterbitin sama penerbit matahati kan? tebel bukunya :))

    1. yup,ini udah diterjemahin... tebel pasti,yg inggrisnya aja ampir 500 halaman lho :)