Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lady Sophia's Lover

Title : Lady Sophia's Lover (Bow Street Runners #2)
Writer : Lisa Kleypas
Number of Page : 384
Publisher : Avon
My rating : 4/5

Sir Ross Cannon, the chief magistrate of Bow Street Runners had been celibate for a long time since his wife passed away. But when Sophia Sydney came to his office to apply for job, he wanted her at once.

Sophia herself had hidden purpose. She came to Bow Street to become Ross' assistant so that she could find anything that might help her destroy Ross, the man she hated. She wanted to take revenge for her brother's life, John. Ross had thrown John to the cell full of cholera patients resulting his death.

She took care Ross, slowly seduced him so that Ross would fall in love with her. She wanted to break his heart and also his reputation.

But, what she didn't expect was that she fell in love with him in the process.

Simple and ordinary plot. But, I like this more than its prequel Someone To Watch Over Me because of the romance and the suspense. The chemistry between Ross and Sophia was mild but also sweet. I really like the part where Ross bought her pink rose when he accompanied her to the market. And I like how Sophia forgave Ross instantly once she fell in love with him. Although I could easily guess the mystery behind John's death, I was very satisfied with the solution from Ross at the end.

Oh, I must say that this novel is sizzling hot. Too much love scenes. I also think some parts after their marriage are boring. But, I still like the story because of the characters themselves. Both hero and the heroine had their own scars from the past and it made me feel the sympathy for them.

Nice book, four stars! 


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