Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Last Sacrifice

Title : Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6)
Writer : Richelle Mead
Number of Page : 594
Publisher : Razorbill
My rating : 5/5
At last, I finished all the books of the series. I might ramble in this post, so I will warn you that there's gonna be spoiler.

Because this is the last book, I will conclude everything that I feel.

Starting from the good part :
1. Adventure. From the prison break, runaway, hiding, meeting new people, investigation, and revelation... I like all of them. I could not stop reading because they are all interesting part of this book.
2. Suspense. I'm not even sure that's the right word. I tried to guess who murdered the queen. And I thought it would be Daniella Ivashkov, but I was wrong. And the fact that I could not guess correctly proved that this book is beyond my usually clever instinct (LOL). 
3. Certain characters. Of course, I could not stand books that have no likable characters. I like Adrian Ivashkov for his good heart and because he was willing to admit his weakness. He knew he was an addict and he needed Rose as his strength. He also had cheerful personality that lightened up everyone's mood even in bad situation. And the fact that he was one of the character who did not get happy ending made me love him more (haha =.=). Beside Adrian, I also like Abe Mazur for the funny ladies-man way of his and his antique fashion style. I also like Sydney Sage, the serious and competent alchemist who also didn't get happy ending. And the last is Christian Ozera because of his fire-fighting coolness and his sarcasm. He was independent and strong despite of his bad reputation and all.
4. Concept. The new world created by Richelle Mead always amazed me. The political system, strigoi-moroi-human-alchemist-dhampir world, the guardian system... The guardian mantra never stopped getting me chills, I don't know why... They come first...
5. Couples. Okay, I never like Dimitri because for me he didn't seem to have character. He was described as a god, then what? Kind, yes. Passionate, yes. But, nothing special. Boring and bland. However, I like the fact that he ended up with Rose. They deserved each other although I also don't like Rose. Moreover, Lissa and Christian were also a good and suitable pair.
6. Breakup lines. I never felt more hurt than reading the breakup lines said by Rose and Adrian at the end. Damn. It was unfair but yet inevitable. The part when Adrian yelled and clutched his chest like his heart being ripped apart, it was just the best dramatic breakup scenes ever.
7. Dying scene. It's not even important to be mentioned here. But I like these paragraphs in one scene.
My vision was growing dimmer, the blackness and ghosts closing in, and I swore, it was like I could hear Robert whispering in my ear : The world of the dead won't give you up a second time.
Just before the light completely vanished, I saw Dimitri's face join Lissa's. I wanted to smile. I decided then that if the two people I loved the most were safe, I could leave this world. The dead could finally have me. And I'd fulfilled my purpose, right? To protect? I'd done it. I'd saved Lissa, just like I'd sworn I'd always do. I was dying in battle. No appointment books for me. 
Lissa's face shone with tears, and I hoped that mine conveyed how much I loved her. With the last spark of life I had left, I tried to speak, tried to let Dimitri know I loved him too and that he had to protect her now. I don't think he understood, but the words of the guardian mantra were my last conscious thought. 
They come first.

Now, the bad thing :
1. The ending. I believe in happy ending, but I don't believe in perfect ending. And Vampire Academy ending is damned very perfect. Rose got everything she always wanted. And she lost the bond? Seriously, it's kinda unbelievable. All the fuss and problems that she had throughout the series were just vanished. She was Lissa's guardian, Dimitri was Christian's. Then, Lissa was a queen. The weak and doll-like Lissa? It would make more sense if Ariana Szelsky was the queen. 
2. The killer. Okay, the killer wasn't Daniella Ivashkov. I was relieved because I could not stand Adrian got more hurt. But, still. It was so sad. She had already had bad reputation for having Strigoi in the family, ruined face... Oh, the reason Rose took the accusation was so laughable. Jealousy, huh?
3. Main character. Yah... Rose was not that bad. She was willingly to sacrifice everything for protecting Lissa. She was strong and she always fight for her own fate. I liked her when she changed a bit in the second book. But, toward the end she didn't get any better. She was still reckless and annoying. Well, I was still okay with that until she cheated behind Adrian. If she wanted with Dimitri, she should break up with Adrian first before sleeping with Dimitri. Oh, God. When Adrian visited Rose in her dream after she and Dimitri "did" it, I almost wanted to cry seeing Adrian was still happy. He said Rose's aura was glowing, bla, bla, bla... And Rose still didn't say anything. Poor Adrian. Cheating?! I still couldn't believe a main character did something stupid like that. I had no sympathy left for Rose already. 

That's all. I experienced love-hate relationships with this book. And after I finished it, I could not stop thinking about the story. I kept replaying every scenes in my head. Yah... I should admit that Vampire Academy is wonderful, so I give this book five star. 

The last young adult fantasy I read was Hunger Games. I still like the story of HG better than Vampire Academy. But because the writing and plot structures of VA are much more neat than HG, I think that VA is better book than HG.

T.T *cry

I always feel sad whenever I finish book series. But, I really enjoy the journey reading VA.

Vampire Academy Series : 
6. Last Sacrifice


  1. Aku belum mulai petualangannya nih, masih nyari pinjeman buku *ga modal* hehe

    1. aku punya buku 1 dan 2nya (yg lain lagi dpinjem). Mo pinjem itu dulu?

    2. Makasih banyak tawarannya mba dewi. Tapi aku pinjem The Alchemyst aja dulu mba, hehe. Takut ga selese kebaca kalo dipinjem semuanya :))

  2. huaah akhirnya berakhir juga serial ini ya non :p

    Tertarik baca bloodlines? Bareng yuk!Saya semangat soalnya kan ada Adrian di sana memegang peranan lebih banyak :)

  3. Habis di buku ke-6 ya? Rasa2nya aku jg gak rela baca buku ke-6nya nih. Gak rela tamat :D

  4. @okeyzz : waduh, haha... mau pinjemin tapi aku jauh uy :)
    kalau ultah ntar dibeliin gmn? hehe...

    @mia : iya nih... tertarik bgt baca bloodlines, gara2 banyak adriannya :D hayu, deh kita baca bareng... tapi harus cari bukunya dulu hehe...

    @Dewi : abis di buku 6 sygnya, aku jg sedih serinya dah tamat :)

    1. Iya nih jauh.. haha. Ga nolak kok kalo di kadoin buku ini pas aku ultah! :D