Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vampire Academy

Title : Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)
Writer : Richelle Mead
Number of pages : 332
Publisher : Razorbill
My rating : 4/5

I picked this book because my friend kept telling me how good the story is. I'm curious. The first time I saw this book in the bookstore, I was not even interested. The synopsis at the back of the book is ridiculuous some more. But, still I bought it.

Once I started, I could not put it down. The story was interesting and unique. I like the concept of three creatures : Moroi, Dhampir, and Strigoi, how they are related, why the Guardian system are made, and the academy itself. Oh, wow.

Moroi : good mortal vampire, can master one of the elements (water, air, fire, earth --> legend of Ang, lol), can withstand under a little sunlight.

Dhampir : half human, half vampire, faster and stronger than Moroi, the guardian of Moroi.

Strigoi : bad immortal vampire, very strong and very fast, cannot withstand sunlight, predator instinct 

Errr, I don't like the name of Moroi. Seriously. Doesn't it sound like moron? =.=


The story was about Rose Hathaway a dhampir who ran away from academy with her Moroi best friend, Lissa. They were caught by the academy staff after two years and brought back. I was very curious at first because I wanted to know the reasons why they had run away.

After that, mostly the book was centered around the teenage life of Rose and Lissa. School, guys, popularity, and stuff. But slowly the secrets were revealed from many flashbacks in Rose's memory.

In the beginning, I like Rose because she was tough and independent. But as the story went, I couldn't find her interesting anymore. She liked to flirt (A LOT), she was reckless and irresponsible, and her confidence with her looks was just annoying. She kept saying how sexy and pretty she was that no Moroi could even compare with her. Okay, I got it. You could not always get likable heroine, even I still read Twilight although I hate Bella. But the problem is the reason Rose falling in love with Dimitri. Rose kept saying about how god-like and handsome he was. And just that. Love based on looks. Seriously, is that supposed to be lust?

In the end, I like Lissa more than Rose. She may be weak, but she was persistent and full of compassion. There was something genuine in her that made me relieved. At least, there was likable character in this book. Furthermore, I like Christian Ozera more than Dimitri. Ozera was sardonic bad boy whereas Dimitri was very bland like Edward Cullen plus pony tail. Iuhhh... I don't like long-haired man.

Anyway, like I said the story was interesting, The suspense was good although I could guess the villain from the beginning. Sigh* I was getting good at guessing, I think. And I hate that since it ruins the surprise. But, I enjoyed the story very much. Nice read.

Dreaming was drowning in the world of skin stem cells...



  1. wow my favorite book ever. :D
    setahuku cara pengucapannya muhroy bukan moroy :D

  2. hehe... iye sih kalo diucapin sih ga mirip sama moron, tp klo dibaca mirip :)
    sama nih kayaknya, bakal jadi buku favorit... ceritanya asyik

  3. Nice review, jadi pingin baca, yang rekomend ini buku bagus juga udah banyak sih. HG dulu deh :) tapi setelah itu, mau coba juga

  4. Oh, ya. HG bagus banget, ci. Seri favorit saya itu :D Vampire academy juga boleh, tapi belum baca semua jadi belum tahu gimana, hehe...