Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Shadow Kiss

Title : Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3)
Writer : Richelle Mead
Number of Page : 443 
Publisher : Razorbill
My rating : 5/5

Unbelievably twisted. I didn't expect this book would turn out this way. Thanks to my restraining ability not to peek into spoiler. I was really surprised and very heart broken reading this. 

The story began with the announcement of field experience exams for novice guardian. Every novices would be assigned to certain moroi and guard them. Once in awhile some adult guardians would attack them pretending like strigoi and the novices had to show the best efforts defending their moroi. This made the story interesting. I didn't feel bored since the beginning, not like the first and second book where the excitement happened too much later. 

Rose thought she would be assigned to Lissa, her moroi best friend. But instead she got Christian Ozera. She protested and was told that she had to try protecting other moroi who had no bond with her. So, she obeyed. 

At the end of second book, Rose had faced the death of her friend, Mason. She also killed two strigoi which made her famous as a good if not the best novice guardian at school.

However, she failed the first test in a bad way. Why? Because she saw Mason's ghost. She was panicked and thought that that was because of stres. But, the problem was she didn't want to tell anybody about that. She was afraid people would think she was crazy. So, she just said that she was messed up. Then, she was ordered to have counseling since everyone thought that was the effect of  having seen a friend's death.

Rose thought the ghost thing would go away. But, it didn't. She kept seeing them in random time. And still she didn't want to tell anyone. 

Later she found that it was the side effect of shadow-kissed. She was dead before and had gone to the world of death. That was why she saw ghosts. Moreover, she also caught the spirit magic effect from Lissa. She became easily angry and always in bad mood because of Lissa. 

Rose was confused and scared. She knew that the former shadow-kissed guardian in the past, Anna died because of insanity. And she didn't want that. At the end she confided to Dimitri, her instructor. He supported Rose and I could see how obvious his love to her was. I was touched because he understood Rose and always be there where she needed him.

Until there was strigoi attack. Massive strigoi attack at school. Rose was the the first one knew there would be an attack because Mason's ghost told her. Okay, I thought the fighting was interesting because Christian joined. He used his fire magic, helping Rose. The combining strength made Rose killed the most.

I just love Christian Ozera, kyaaaaa...

But, I didn't see it coming. The ending got me chilled and sad. Rose was devastated, so was I. No comment here. The best plot ever!

You will lose what you value most...
It hadn't been me that Rhonda was talking about. It hadn't even been Dimitri's life.
What you value most.
It had been his soul. 

Solid five stars, of course!

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  1. Vampire Academy yg diterbitkan di Indonesia sudah berapa seri yaaa?