Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dreaming of You

Title : Dreaming of You (Gamblers #2)
Writer : Lisa Kleypas
Number of Page : 373
Publisher : Avon Books

It's all about fate and timing...

Sara Fielding was wandering around dark alley when Derek Craven was attacked and almost killed. She saved him and shot the attacker. After that, she took him to his gambling club. 

Sara was happy to meet Derek because she was a writer and she wanted to research about gambling world. However, Derek didn't want her to endanger herself in the wicked place like gambling club. Sara persisted and Derek couldn't refuse.

Derek was an unbelievably tortured individual. He came from the lowest, a bastard and a chimney boy who cheated and struggled to be rich and accepted. He tried to be like gentleman, although the nobles never truly accepted him. He slept with many married noblewomen because he thought that he didn't deserve to get a better woman. He drove all people away. He was too afraid to love someone.

But, shy and lovely Sara took all his attention. She walked around his club, questioned all his employees, and people liked her. He didn't want to admit that he cared for her. He sent her away and tried to forget her. 

Love never lies...

Since the first time, Sara was already attracted to that mysterious and dark man. She liked him, but she couldn't do anything when Derek kept rejecting her. 

This is a story about forgetting and accepting. Slowly love changed Derek from a bitter man to a loving man. Sara patiently waited until he was ready to love her. It was so beautiful. The sweet and painful process for Derek to understand and accept what he was...

I honestly like reading tortured and complicated persons. I like to read their strange and yet understandable feelings. A character like Derek definitely caught my attention since the first book, Then Came You. In that book, he let the woman he loved go to another man's arms. I was already curious how Lisa Kleypas could wrote about this particular man. And I was really amazed. I couldn't even describe what I think about this book. The story was so amazing and touching. I cried a lot, especially when Derek told Sara about his past and even when she said it was okay, he still drove her away. I could feel the frustration and sadness that Sara felt when she had to leave.

Speechless... Definitely my favorite book all the time and the best from Lisa Kleypas.

Gamblers series : 
2. Dreaming of You



  1. berarti romantisnya yg sedih sedihan ya? >_<

    1. lumayan sedih... cuma ga menye2 hehe...

  2. wow, fav book all the time! lama juga nggak baca bukunya Lisa Kleypas, salah satu pengerang romance fav-ku. Ini udah diterjemahin belum ya?

    1. baca, ayo2! hahaha... iya, bakal jadi fav book all the time soalnya terharu banget sama Derek :) setauku yang ini belum diterjemahin, hehe