Sunday, 20 May 2012

Charlie Bone And The Hidden King

Title : Charlie Bone And The Hidden King (The Children of The Red King #5)
Writer : Jenny Nimmo
Number of Page : 366
Publisher : Egmont Books

The story was getting complicated. Now that almost all ancestors of the children were mentioned, the story told about the past and the connection between all children.

Charlie Bone woke up and found that all animals in the city were lost. He was blamed for the disappearance but Charlie believed that it was the deed of Ezekiel Bloor.

He was wrong. 

Someone had released the shadow behind the picture of the Red King. He was an enchanter, Count Harken. This ancient man had once manipulated the original ten children of Red King and now he targeted Charlie's mother, Amy. With the mirror of Amoret (Charlie's ancestor), Count Harken wanted to bring Amy to the past. But if this happen, Amy would forget all about Charlie.

Charlie was frustrated seeing his mother forgetting him day by day. He also had to find the missing animals. Fortunately, he met Bartholomew Bloor who was supposed to be dead. From him, Charlie learnt about the presence of Red King as an immortal tree. Charlie knew that he should find this tree to ask for a help from his ancestor. However, he needed at least ten descendants of the Red King to make everything good again and it was almost impossible because more children were at Ezekiel Bloor's side (thanks to Joshua Tilpin's magnetic ability).

I like this book, I don't know why. It was heartwarming to read the connections between all descendants of the Red King. It was a friendship built from the same bloodline. I could feel the deep feeling between all of them although they just met each other. I felt sad when they were fighting and hating each other. I think I have already loved all the characters.   

At last, Charlie met his father in this book. And I was right all along. Charlie's father was... Find it yourself in this book.

Four stars. I think I have tendency to give better ratings to the latter book of the series. Haha...


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