Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Castle of Mirrors

Title : Charlie Bone And The Castle of Mirrors (Children of The Red King #4)
Writer : Jenny Nimmo
Number of Page : 354
Publisher : Egmont Books 

The synopsis at the back of the book is quite funny : In a dark laboratory deep within Bloor's Academy, Manfred and Ezekiel are brewing up a very nasty kind of trouble for Charlie Bone. Hehehe...

Ezekiel wanted to resurrect his cruel ancestor, Borlath to defeat his enemies, including Charlie Bone. He prepared all the ingredients in his laboratory. But, Borlath ran away.

Meanwhile, Charlie had another problem. His friend, Olivia acted strange. He also had to rescue Billy who was trapped in his new parents' house, evil parents that Ezekiel asked to guard Billy. Furthermore, there was Joshua Tilpin, the new student who had magnetic ability. He helped Ezekiel controlling Charlie's friend, Tancred. It meant Tancred was on Ezekiel side now.

Losing friends one by one, the balance was lost. Charlie only had Emma, Lysander, and Fidelio to help him. 

This fourth book was full of unique things. The barrier in Billy's new house, the invisible ancestor wandering around the academy, and Olivia's talent. Seriously, her talent was so cool. She just needed to imagine things and everything would materialize. 

It's always interesting to read adventures. As the story continues, I get to know more about the characters and I like them all. There are things that make me laugh: Charlie's witty comments, Billy's conversation with animals, even the mean and annoying grandmother. 

Four more books... *sigh (so many...)


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