Monday, 9 July 2012

Charlie Bone And The Shadow of Badlock

Title : Charlie Bone And the Shadow of Badlock (The Children of The Red King #7)
Writer : Jenny Nimmo
Number of Page : 373
Publisher : Egmont Books

Another annoying trick from the Bloors and the Yewbeams sisters... Why oh why were you all so bad toward Charlie Bone? For God's sake, he was only twelve.

Titania Tilpin, the descendant of Count Harken the Shadow tried to mend the broken Amoret mirror. She wanted to help the Count bringing the city back into the past so that he could have the power once more. 

Grandma Bone was given the painting of Badlock. Badlock was a place where the Count ruled in the past. Since Charlie could travel through the paintings and photos, Grandma Bone deliberately put the painting in their house.

Charlie got inside and met his ancestor, Otus Yewbeam who was being prisoned by the Count. This gloomy and dark city made Charlie shivered. He wanted to go back, taking his ancestor too so that the old man wouldn't need to suffer anymore. However, he failed. Otus didn't come with him and Runner Bean, Benjamin's dog got inside the painting. 

What a chaos...

All of those had been considered by the Bloors and Titania Tilpin. They knew that the only one who could save Runner Bean was Billy who could talk to animals. They wanted to get rid of Billy because Billy was the true heir of Bloor Academy and all the fortunes of Septimus Bloor. 

Charlie didn't know about that plan. He asked Billy to help him and at the end Billy was trapped inside the painting just like the Bloors wanted. Charlie tried to save Billy, but Billy didn't want to come out since he had been enchanted by the Count's magic.

And... someone was dead. He was my favorite character in this series. T.T

It was unbelivable. How could a grandmother harm his grandson? I still couldn't accept it. Charlie was so pitiful to have many problems caused by his own grandmothers and relatives.

The story was getting complicated now that all characters were mentioned. I liked Charlie Bone for he was brave, full of compassion, and dependable. He could just walk away and abandon Billy but he didn't. He was also very patient. If I were him, I would have killed my own grandmother (hahaha... I'm really that bad, huh?)

Of course, it is children book. No sad ending, I think. My favorite character who was supposed to be dead was not dead after all. Kyaaaaa...

One more to go...


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