Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Charlie Bone And The Red King

Title : Charlie Bone And The Red King (The Children of The Red King #8)
Writer : Jenny Nimmo
Number of Page : 423
Publisher : Egmont Books

The war was unavoidable. Children of the Red King versus Count Harken army.

In Badlock, Count Harken was waiting, waiting impatiently, but Mirror Amoret could not be fixed. He was angry and he throw all his tantrums to Billy. Billy was imprisoned in the dark dungeon underground.
Dagbert Endless seemed to change sides. He didn't trust Bloors anymore after he found out that the Bloors liked his father who wanted to kill him. He searched for help from Charlie. He wanted Charlie to destroy his father's source of power, the water globe which could control all oceans in the world. At first, Charlie didn't want to help Dagbert. But when the Bloors planned to drown his parents who were in the sea using that water globe, he had to come forward.

Olivia had been enchanted by the magic robe. She wore the robe everyday and that made her cruel and bad. Charlie and Emma tried to solve this problem. They asked Olivia's guardian to sew the exact robe so that Emma could switch the wicked robe.

With so many thing to be done, Charlie almost forgot about Billy. He once again traveled into Badlock to bring Billy back. However, little did he know that Count Harken had deliberately planned to follow Charlie to the future. The Count came to the future in the form of a fly.

Count Harken called all his followers and built his army. And the war began.

Well, I should say that I am very biased if it comes to the last book of the series. I tend to like the last book in any series. For Charlie Bone, it's not different.

This last installment is the thickest of all. More conflicts, unexpected scenes, and hidden mysteries. As children, I would like this series very much. But, I'm not 10 years old. I have read too many books and that's why I couldn't like this book that much. I could guess all the mysteries precisely and all the surprises were not surprises anymore.

But, I still enjoyed it though. All characters are likable. And I like the ending. Bloors Academy became Bone Academy and Billy was adopted as Charlie's little brother. All ended well and I was happy for that.

The Children of The Red King series:
1. Midnight for Charlie Bone
2. Charlie Bone And The Time Twister
3. Charlie Bone And The Blue Boa
4. Charlie Bone And The Castle of Mirrors
5. Charlie Bone And The Hidden King
6. Charlie Bone And The Wilderness Wolf
7. Charlie Bone And The Shadow of Badlock
8. Charlie Bone And The Red King

At last, I finished one whole series :)


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