Thursday, 7 June 2012

Charlie Bone And The Wilderness Wolf

Title : Charlie Bone And The Wilderness Wolf (The Children of The Red King #6)
 Writer : Jenny Nimmo
Number of Page : 359
Publisher : Egmont Books

Now that his father had come back, Charlie had to lose him again because his parents went honeymoon. Charlie felt sad but couldn't do anything. 

On the other hand, the full hatred of Ezekiel Bloor hated Charlie more and more. He didn't like seeing Charlie happy. He recruited new student, Dagbert "The Drowner" Endless who could control water to disturb Charlie's lives.

Moreover, something made Billy nervous. Every night he heard wolf howling and asking for help. He told Charlie hoping that Charlie could solve the mysteries.

So, once again Charlie was involved in the dangerous adventure. He investigated about the wolf living in the wilderness forest and also tried to fight the bad deeds of Dagbert.

Honestly, this sixth installment was not interesting. The conflicts were messy, jumping from one thing to another. It made me confused. I don't even know what the importance of the wolf was. The wolf needed to be rescued, then what? The other problems were not solved at all. Maybe the writer tried to tell me that there would be more in the next book, but I still think that nothing happened in this book except showing more problems and mysteries.

Anyway, I still love the characters though. Especially Tancred. Kyaaaa!!! I like stormy boy (feel like pedophil =.=). 

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