Thursday, 19 April 2012

Charlie Bone And The Blue Boa

Title : Charlie Bone And The Blue Boa (Children of The Red King #3)
Writer : Jenny Nimmo
Number of page : 372
Publisher : Egmont Books

A boy was missing. His brother tried to find him but also vanished.

This time, Charlie got a new friend showing up in his house. Her name was Belle. She was beautiful but Charlie sensed something eerie about her. He didn't trust Belle although her own grandmother encouraged him to help Belle at Bloor's Academy. But, Charlie had learned that every people his grandmother liked were definitely considered as bad news.

However, Charlie could put aside the "Belle" problem momentarily. He got another mission. He had to find the missing boy who was kept hidden in the academy. And he had to face the big blue snake who guard the prisoner.

The key of this mission was Billy who could take to animals. But, Billy was on enemy side. Could Charlie trust him to help finding the boy? Or would Billy tell the old Ezekiel as he always did?

Well, I could see Charlie Bone story as a light and quick read. No emotion, just a story. Anyway, I laughed reading this third installment because many animals were involved. The part when Billy said that mice was boring because they only talked about how to make babies was cute. Billy also said that rat was more interesting because he found one who could tell jokes. I can't help wondering what I would find if I could to talk to animals like Billy.

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