Friday, 7 December 2012

The Iron Daughter

Title : The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey #2)
Writer : Julie Kagawa
Number of Page : 359
Publisher : Harlequin Teen

Prince Ash had followed Meghan to Iron Kingdom. Now it was her turn to complete the contract. Meghan had to accept her fate as a prisoner of The Winter Court.

At first, Meghan didn't complain. She thought, as long as Ash was near, she was safe and happy. But, she was wrong. Ash acted differently. He was cold and cruel, and he broke her heart.

The faery world, Nevernever was in danger. Although Meghan had killed the Iron King, the false king emerged and threatened to destroy the faery world. And nobody knew it, except Meghan. When iron feys came and killed the first prince, Meghan was suspected as the culprit. She was punished and freezed in the ice forever.

But, Ash came to save her. He explained to her about his bad behaviour. He couldn't show his love because love was forbidden in the world of faeries. The Winter Queen, Mab would kill Meghan if she knew that her son falling in love with Meghan. And that was heard by Ash's brother. They dueled. At the end, Ash killed his brother and ran away with Meghan.

Summer and Winter decided a war. King Oberon wanted her daughter (Meghan) back and Queen Mab believed that the Season Scepter was stolen by summer feys. The truth was the Scepter was stolen by iron feys.

Meghan had to steal the Scepter back for stopping the war. Ash wanted to do it himself and he left Meghan. 

Now Meghan could only ask help from Puck, Grimalkin, and the new character: Ironhorse, the member of resistance toward the false Iron King. Could she succeed?

In my opinion:
I liked the first book better than this. The plot was quite slow at the beginning and it bored me. I always expected this book would be full of action and adventures. That's why I didn't like the beginning. Meghan was quite whiny, it annoyed me. She thought only about Ash and cried because he ignored her. Oh, drama as always.

The real action started when Ash saved Meghan from freezing spells. And then, Ash told Meghan to go back to Summer Court. He said they couldn't be together and it was dangerous, bla bla bla. Okay, I also hated this part. Puck came out and declared his love when Meghan was heartbroken. Meghan tried to find comfort in Puck although it meant that she used Puck. Graooo... My poor Puck, I really love this guy and Meghan hurt him. But, I still accepted it because I understood her feeling. I meant Meghan was only 16 years old, how mature could she be? But, what annoyed me the most was when Ash felt angry seeing Puck hugged Meghan. He drove Meghan away and now he was jealous? He didn't have rights.

Okay, enough for babbling.

I still love the description. I seriously fall in love with Julie Kagawa's writing. Most of the time, I didn't care about the story and I just read the passages many times. Beautiful words, really. (Weird, I know)

The journey was interesting as always. I like Ironhorse, Grimalkin, and Puck. And also Leanansidhe, the Queen of Exiles. She kept calling people using the word "pet" and "darling", it was amusing. 

The ending... Ash threw away his status, kingdom, and his home so that he could be with Meghan. Maybe if I read this book when I was 15 years old, I would find it romantic. But, now I don't think so. I thought Ash didn't think about his responsibility as a Winter Prince. I knew that the Winter Queen was evil but she was still Ash's mother. It was just wrong leaving family that way. But, what do I know? Meghan also followed Ash, declared her love, and agreed to be banished forever from the Nevernever. Ckckckck... love is just that crazy, huh?

Anyway, I love the faery world... So, annoying characters didn't matter.



  1. Hahaha... It's called as harlequin. What else do you expect at the end but happily ever after despite the thing that we thought about responsibility bla bla bla?

    Nice review..

    1. haha... true, it's like harlequin so happy ending is a must...
      thx for liking :)