Saturday, 28 January 2012

Spirit Bound

Title : Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5)
Writer : Richelle Mead
Number of Page : 489
Publisher : Razorbill
My rating : 4/5

It's a bit difficult writing review for this book. Too many plots and stories inside.

Rose had to face the final practical exam for becoming the guardian. Since she had killed strigoi before, the exam was very easy for her. I even think that the exam scenes were not intriguing at all.

After she graduated, Rose and her friends went to the Moroi court to wait for the assignments. However, Rose had another plan. Dimitri had sent her many letters showing love and hate at the same time. He also wanted to find and kill her. But, Rose wanted to save Dimitri. She thought strigoi could be brought back to their original form (dhampir/moroi/human). And the only person who might know about this was Victor Dashkov's half-brother, Robert.

No one knew where Robert was, except Victor. Because Victor was in jail, Rose planned to break into jail and free him. This part was very interesting. I like the adventure and the action. Rose with Lissa and Eddie had to find a brilliant trick to save Victor.

At last, they met Robert. And it was true, strigoi could be brought back.

The plot was quite fast. A strigoi attack, Lissa and Christian captured by Dimitri, and rescue mission. Well, I had to say I was a bit disappointed here. The action was too fast that there was no tension built. I could not feel the thrill and the dangerous-you-must-be-careful feeling. Brief and simple. Suddenly, everything was done. Dimitri was dhampir again.

This book was full of politics, I think. There were a lot of discussions and meeting associated with moroi laws and decrees. They were making a new adjusment. And Rose did not like the new adjustment. She complained and even insulted Queen Tatiana in front of The Council because of the stupid adjustment.

Then, the next day Queen Tatiana was found dead in her bedroom. She was murdered. And the most possible culprit? Rose, of course. She was the one who expressed a lot of hatred to the queen the day before.

I like the story a lot. It is very complicated and deep, sometimes I think it doesn't feel like young adult novels. There are some boring parts here and there, but I still like the book very much.

However, I don't like Rose. Okay, she is bad-ass and tough. I don't like stupid and weak heroine, and Rose is far from weak. But, she is... how to say? I think she doesn't know the term "respect". She does whatever she wants the way she likes it. She loves Dimitri and yet she is blood-whoring with Adrian. She uses Adrian a lot of times, uses his money, uses his influences... Even she doesn't care that Adrian truly loves her. And the stupid thing is Adrian understands and wants to accept those. Okay, love makes people blind. But seriously? Rose should be able to restrain herself. Make decision! She has chosen Adrian and she should deal with that choice. If she still wants to pursue her love with Dimitri, at least she should break with Adrian first, not two-timing him.

The worst is Rose doesn't respect the moroi's council. Okay, she doesn't agree with their decision. But, at least don't be a crazy maniac who insults the queen in front of a lot of people. That only shows how shallow she is, cannot control the emotion at all. She just ruins her own reputation. Well, I know it's for the sake of the story. If Rose is not like that, then the story would be very flat. But, it's just a very bad example, especially comes from the main character. 

Yah... that's my opinion. I still give the book four stars for the story and all. I never lower my rating just because I don't like the characters. Bad and unlikable characters are the ones who make a story more colourful. Kind and holy characters are boring, hehehe...

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